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About Us

Finding Inspiration on Every Page

At Cymellia House, we value the expressive nature of creative presentation. We are perfectionists, pioneering the world of books further. 


Our Story So Far

Made for the sisters Daphine and Lady Cymellia. One, a writer, the other an artist.

Their goal was to captivate readers and viewers with carefully curated books, sending them into transports of delight and bliss. We, at Cymellia House, aim to encourage our authors and artists to unveil their ideas in a creatively liberating environment. 


The original concept for the company came about in 2016, after discovering the sisters' long-forgotten art and literature in the room of a library in Winchester. After years of further conceptualising and refining, the company was made public in 2019, then officially established in April 2020, as the Lady Cymellia and Daphine planted their roots in the publishing world once more.

Through their spirit and memory, the house of Cymellia will live on.

Our Imprints

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