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Submissions (Queries)

We accept non-solicited manuscripts. Electronic submissions only. Please send all submissions to the above email address.

Submissions should include:

A brief synopsis (no more than one page).

A query letter including the genre, word count, and other necessary information about your work.

The first three chapters/poems or short stories.

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Please note, we are currently accepting works of all kinds:


Fiction, specifically:

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Literary, Historical and Romance. These are all a very good fit for us at the moment, though you should still feel free to submit other fictional works.

Anthologies (Poetry & Short Stories)

Please ensure that your work is fresh! By this, we mean that it has not been published before or made available on any reading platform.


We also recommend that you look into traditional publishing processes and find out whether this way is best for you, if you haven't already.

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